PVA Open Records Commercial Fee Guidelines
Daviess County PVA
COPY CHARGES $0.10  8 1/2 X 11 OR 8 1/2 X 14 (Actual cost if higher may be charged) FAX CHARGES $2.00 To fax information to a local number (This charge is in addition to the fee for $3.00 To fax to a long distance number the actual data) DEED PLOTTING $10.00 per tract (where available) REQUEST FOR OWNERSHIP and/or $2.00 per account (no building characteristics) ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION REQUEST FOR COMPARABLE SALES $5.00 per property (no more than 1 building) and/or PROPERTY CHARACTERISTICS $2.00 each additional building BULK RATE FOR PROPERTY $1.75 per property (no more than 1 building) CHARACTERISTICS-ENTIRE COUNTY $0.70 each additional building REQUEST FOR MAILING LIST $50.00 per request Plus 8 cents per record for the first 5,000 Plus 7 cents for the next 10,000 Plus 5 cents for the next 15.000 Plus 4 cents for each additional record over 30,000 REQUEST FOR SALES & TRANSFER FILE & $150.00 per request COMP BOOKS PROVIDED ANNUALLY Plus 30 cents per record for the first 1,000 records Plus 15 cents for the next 5,000 Plus 5 cents for each record over 6,000 PROVIDED QUARTERLY add an additional 10% of annual cost PROVIDED MONTHLY add and additional 25% of annual cost REQUEST FOR PROPERTY TAX ROLL/BILL FILE $250 per request Plus 20 cents per record for the first 5,000 records Plus 15 cents for the next 10,000 Plus 10 cents for the next 15,000 Plus 5 cents for each additional record over 30,000 THE PVA ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR THE VALIDITY OF THIS DATA COMMERCIAL GIS FEE GUIDELINES BASIC GIS MAPS AND PRODUCTS 1. Standard Topographic Map: (24 x 36 sheet in hard copy form containing all base layers; price per sheet) $25.00/Standard Map Mylar prints (where available) at higher rates. Map Size Variations (pre-made prints in hard copy format): 8 1/2 x 11 $2.50 8 1/2 x 14 $5.00 11 x 17 $7.50 17 x 22 $10.00 22 x 34 $20.00 34 x 40 $25.00 Additional Layers: Layers of coverage will vary, as they are dependent on how involved the GIS program is to the area. The need for (and types) of layers will increase with the size and urbanization of the area. The more advanced programs with detailed layers will be more expensive since the start-up cost for them will be higher. Therefore, there is no fair way to establish a uniform set of prices for layer across the state. Each PVA office using GIS will have to determine their own layering schedules based on the amount of money invested into their program. 2. GIS/Topographic Data (in digital electronic data format): $50.00 PER REQUEST PLUS: No Data (shape file only - no parcel number) $0.30 (per parcel) Individual or Custom Parcel Data $0.40 (per parcel) With parcel number, ownership and mailing address only. 3. Aerial Photography As a point of clarification, DOQQ’s of aerial photos provided by the Department of Geographical Information (DGI) cannot be sold by PVA offices. For purchase of DOQQ’s, contact DGI, (502) 573-1450. Flight patterns flown by and paid for by the county can be resold by the PVA office. Standard PVA Maps (GIS) $25.00 4. Digital Images or Sketches $1.00 each with a with a $5.00 minimum order 5. Media Diskette $2.00 CD $10.00 Zip Disk $16.00 6. Staff Time If special GIS programming is required, typical rate for staff time charged by PVA offices is $20.00 per hour. 7. Mailing Fees: Actual Cost 8. Updates: Annual renewal at discount of 10% of original amount of purchase, plus cost of media. Other formats: call for quote